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A facilities manager has a few “worst-case scenarios”, such as an overnight flood, fire, power failures, mechanical breakdowns or unlawful break-in’s: major events that can disrupt business the next day. The shock of these events is compounded by the difficulty of getting them managed or resolved in a timely manner. Even minor incidents, like a small leak or a plumbing issue, can turn into huge problems if no one is around to help. Because of this, we are passionate about and dedicated to being there for any of your immediate needs at any time.

Our 24 hour on-call services are reliable and builds trust and confidence

We’re committed to serving you with a reliable alternative, our 24-hour Customer Serving Center. We are proud to be on call for our customers anytime, day or night, for all property and building maintenance needs. Often our clients automatically forward their after business hours emergency calls directly our Customer Serving Center, simply because they trust us, our protocol, and our team.

Prompt response and on-site care

If you’re faced with a flood in your building in the middle of the night, you can call us and we will return your call within 20 minutes. Someone will be there on-site promptly and a full team of Elite professionals could be on the scene within a few hours. From fires, to break-ins, to floods, we are here to serve you in any emergency, as well as non-emergency, such as a small construction project, public safety concern, or a lighting problem.

You can depend on our 24 Hour Service support:

  • Our customers can call us at any time of day or night
  • We have a rotating on-call business schedule for all business units
  • We return all calls within 20 minutes
  • We dispatch someone to the scene within one hour
  • We have the ability to send a full team there within two hours
  • If you’re on holiday, we take care of all maintenance issues in your absence

If you’ve been in the business long enough, at some point you’ve likely had a bad experience with facilities maintenance companies that don’t show up on time, or do poor work. We differentiate ourselves by offering our single source resource as a dependable support for all of your maintenance problems. From janitorial to weatherization, landscaping to construction work, and most everything in between, we’re there.

We are passionate about providing our customers with on-call care around the clock. Day or night, we are here to compassionately care for all property maintenance needs, with promptness and reliability. Please contact us today to explore any questions, or to ask for a quote.



  • Having a spirit and attitude of giving
  • A resolve to help when its within our capability
  • Planting good seed: for worthwhile causes that fits with our Why


  • Genuinely care for others
  • Having empathy in our communications
  • Seeing the need of others and acting before being asked
  • Looking through the eyes of the other person, the person in need
  • Changing perspective often required (batteries not included)



  • Do the Right thing even when no one is watching
  • Simply be a good person
  • Conduct business fairly
  • Behave wisely & conduct yourselves in proper manner at all times


  • Believe in the unbelievable
  • Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it
  • Hope & Possibilities are hear & now, be open and look for them
  • Look beyond circumstance & adversity…
  • Anything can happen…


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