Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Harriet Tubman


At IMS, we have a purpose that propels us to move forward with our vision, day in and day out; we aspire to be better every day — in personal relationships, at work and in business, as well as in connection with life itself.

Our vision and core purpose of being in business, is that of serving, giving, and impacting others in a positive manner. We have stoic resolve to be outstanding, to be trendsetters, to achieve extraordinary results, and make a difference in life and business. We are intentional about shifting our thinking from service to serving.

The service that we perform is simply a vehicle that allows us the opportunity to pursue our purpose and passion, which is to serve others in an incredible, remarkable and memorable fashion. We are a people-first, purpose and passion driven company; we believe when a company takes care of the team, the team will take care of the customer  — and the results will be exceptional.


Passion and purpose with intensity, integrity, desire, dreams, and unwavering faith & focus are the foundational structural building blocks of success. –Roy Hill, Sr.

We believe in four principles of passion as laid out by renowned author and teacher John Maxwell. Passion is the first step to achievement. Passion increases your willpower. Passion changes you, and passion makes the impossible, possible. In fact, we like to think that IMS means, Impossibilities Made Simple. Focused passion when applied with intentional purpose can change the world. The 5 P’s of IMS are Purpose, Passion, People, Process and Product.


We’re honored to create respectful relationships that serve to support not only your work life, but everything connected to it, including your well-being, family, and overall fulfillment. We provide an environment, a culture, and a service platform that positively impacts the lives and businesses we connect with. Our core values reflect this:

  • Servant leadership – As our purpose is to serve our clients and team members, we are dedicated to helping you live and work better through the services we offer. It is from this underlying intention of  serving that we continuously strive to improve our services, products, and relationships. We are thought leaders and servant leaders in the area of customer service. It’s always about you, not us.
  • Positive change – Contributing to charity is something we feel strongly about. Our purpose includes making a positive difference to others beyond our immediate work family. This is part of giving back and building relationships with our community, locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Company culture – We are dedicated to providing our staff with a supportive and nurturing work environment. We have fun, and our employees and team members are encouraged to grow in all aspects of their lives. Having a healthy team — mentally, physically, and emotionally — enables us to provide you with outstanding service. We embrace training, education, and continuous learning in all areas of life and business.
  • Customer Service – You are the VIP. We recognize that you are valuable and require special attention. It is our endeavor to not only achieve customer satisfaction, but also customer loyalty. IMS customer serving center is about creating raving fans out of all its clients. Extraordinary service to you, our customer, is our greatest goal.


Our mission is simple…Be the “Best” in delivering service. Improve the lives and businesses of those we connect with. Serve others the way we want to be served…Matt.7:12

When applied in both business and life away from work, this principle of putting others needs above your own has the power to improve relationships, turn challenges into opportunities, and impossibilities into reality.

We strive to be the best we can to deliver facilities services to you with extraordinary results; we want to make a difference in your lives, personally and professionally. We are passionate about helping you work better, and live better. It is our passion to do good and make you look good.

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