• Paying close attention to detail in all communications
  • No gossiping with anyone about anything
  • No bullying or harassment of any kind
  • Immediately resolve conflict of any kind.


  • Genuinely care for others
  • Having empathy in our communications
  • Seeing the need of others and acting before being asked
  • Looking through the eyes of the other person, the person in need
  • Changing perspective often required (batteries not included)


  • Do the Right thing even when no one is watching
  • Simply be a good person
  • Conduct business fairly
  • Behave wisely & conduct yourselves in proper manner at all times


  • Believe in the unbelievable
  • Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it
  • Hope & Possibilities are hear & now, be open and look for them
  • Look beyond circumstance & adversity…
  • Anything can happen…

Elite Service Experts Aspiring Values

  1. Servant Leadership – Serve Others the way we want to be served…Matt 7:12
  2. Respect Others – No Gossip Rule, No A-Hole Rule, No Harassment Rule, & immediately resolve conflicts promptly & fairly.
  3. Value a Safe, Healthy & Fun work environment at all times. No Exceptions
  4. Problem solvers, fixers & solution minded. Keeping the Purpose 1st
  5. Affect Change & Impact the World through “7-STAR” World Class Customer Service. Create a Raving Fan every week (One-a-week is all we ask).
  6. “C7X” – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Elite Service Experts Leadership Principles

Conduct, Behavior, and Alignment. This is the belief system that forms our culture:

  1. Value Relationships – “Connect” with our Team, Service Partners, Customers, & Community. Make a difference in their lives. Change their Reality.
  2. Elite is a company with Team Members – Celebrate & Recognize achievements
  3. Provide a work environment that allows our Team Members to excel in Life & Business
  4. Personal Accountability – QBQ – Not Why? When, & Who? But How? & What?
  5. Embrace Dynamic Change – This is birthed from dreams and adversities.
  6. Be Authentic: Always – Be real, Just be Yourself. You are Unique
  7. Be Intentional & have Stoic Resolve to finish strong. No Whiners…Only Winners
  8. Value continuous improvement, teaching, training, growing and learning
  9. Measure everything – Metrics & Benchmarks. Know the #’s. Embrace the #’s & reality, sharing the results with the team
  10. Be Content…but never complacent. Have a healthy dose of fear and paranoia – Be Alert