Focus on being the best in delivering service, improve the lives and businesses of those we connect with and serve others the way we want to be served.  MATT 7:12

Our DIFFERENTIATOR is how we deliver service.  From beginning to end, every service performed whether contract or on demand starts with responsive scheduling of highly qualified technicians and ends with open communication back to the client.  That communication includes information about the deficiencies identified, corrective actions taken to remedy deficiencies, time technicians spent on the job and before and after pictures related to the specific tasks being performed.  We call this “Closing the Circle”.  With feedback from clients and constant focus on improving processes, we strive to offer the “Red Carpet Experience” by being the best in delivering service.

Our WHY we do what we do every single day is to improve the lives and businesses of those we connect with.  Business should be about helping others achieve their goals within an area you specialize in.  We work daily with building owners, property managers, facility managers, tenants, business owners and HOA’s to assist them in achieving their goals related to facility maintenance and repairs for their office buildings, retail centers, industrial complexes, financial institutions, communities and more.  If we can help a client achieve their goals in these areas they win.  When our clients win, we win.  Through partnership and continued commitment, we will continue to improve the lives and business of those we connect with.

Our REWARD comes from serving others the way we want to be served.  We all have experienced bad service and owners of ELITE have not been immune.  They have recognized how much Great Service lacks in this industry and have vowed to build a company of service dedicated to achieve the highest levels of excellence and never stop improving.  Our Golden Rule will always be to serve others the way we want to be served.  MATT 7:12

Our HISTORY started on April 1, 2000 with roots established by Innovative Maintenance Solutions, INC (IMS), Founded by Roy Hill Sr.  Roy spent 18 hardworking years making IMS the best facility service provider in the Greater Sacramento Area.  After his unexpected passing on February 8, 2017 his sons, who worked at IMS since the beginning, picked up where he left off.  Shortly after, his sons, Roy Hill Jr and Ryan Petree decided to embrace the tragedy the family endured and create something positive, new and exciting that would honor Roy Sr’s name.  This would come in the form of an new company and brand, that would take all the experience and knowledge it has from IMS and use it to create ELITE SERVICE EXPERTS.  The design of the logo which and the Phoenix within, is symbolism based on Greek Mythology.  A Phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.  The Legacy Roy Hill Sr. created for his family doesn’t end with IMS but is reborn with ELITE.

Our CORE VALUES are part of everything we do at ELITE every day.  If it doesn’t align with our Core Values, we don’t do it.  These values are:

RESPECT – No gossip, no bullying, paying close attention to detail in all communications and immediately resolve conflict of any kind.
COMPASSION – Genuinely caring for others, seeing a need of others and acting before being asked and a desire to alleviate stress or frustration.
RIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOR – Always doing the right thing even when nobody is watching, conduct business fairly, behave wisely and conduct ourselves in a proper manner at all times.
FAITH – Believing in the unbelievable, firm belief in something without physical proof and knowing anything can happen.


Our single source resource includes a vast array of facilities maintenance services that are available to you. Below are some of our critical facility services that our licensed, certified technicians can help you with in urgent times.

  • Emergency Service and Repairs
  • Flood and Fire Restoration
  • Water Extraction / Clean-up
  • Carpet Drying and Disinfecting
  • Window Leak Repairs
  • Board-Ups and Break-In Repairs
  • Bio-Hazard Waste Clean-Up
  • Retail Services and Repairs
  • Plumbing – Electrical
  • Drain and Sewer Services
  • Irrigation / Main Line Breaks
  • Dedicated Response Team
  • Special Events Maintenance Staffing
  • Scheduled After-Hours Service


More than just offering Maximum Value Packages with our single source resource to meet all of your facilities maintenance needs, our IMS leadership team is founded on strong core values, and leadership principles to which we passionately adhere:

  • Value relationships with everyone
  • Celebrate and recognize achievements
  • Provide a supportive work environment
  • Personal accountability
  • Embrace dynamic change
  • Be authentic
  • Be intentional and have stoic resolve
  • Be content but never complacent

Elite Service Experts is committed to serving our customers, providing the highest value, working with integrity, and treating every customer as we’d like to be treated. We offer comprehensive solutions underpinned with the simple and enduring values of loyalty, innovation, commitment, and determination. Please contact us today with any questions or to receive a quote!